Member monthly meetings will be held at the Apple Valley American Legion Post 1776



Monthly HOG Meetings

Feb. 4, 2020 Hog meeting

HOG Meeting, February 4, 2020


· Officers Present, Curt, Cory, Jim, Les, Jennifer

· Officers Absent, Dean & Roxanne

· 32 Officers/Members/Guest present for meeting


Update from the Director on old business.

· Kelly is the front runner with 212 bowling this Friday.

· Jan. 25th dealership had bloody Mary fest

· Rory is working to get St. Paul to participate in our chili cook off, Wild Prairie and Blaine have accepted. It will be at the Lakeville store. Dealership will blast it out. There will be a big traveling trophy.

· Sara from the dealership – shared upcoming events.

· Ronald McDonald Ride – We have collected 30 lbs of pull tabs – Need more tabs! 10 miles N. there are hotels available as all other hotels are booked. Cory will bring details to next meeting. New York Miles is the rally. Live music in the evening, over 600 motorcycles on the Saturday ride.

III. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – On the website or hard copy on bar for pick up.

IV. CURRENT MEMBERSHIP – 47 43 + 4 new ones tonight

V. UPDATE FROM LEAD ROAD CAPTAIN – Jim – Did not have time for an update.

VI. UPDATE LADY’S OF HARLEY – Jennifer – Meeting reminder Thursday, 2/6 at 5:30pm at the dealership


John Bailey from All State visited to share information about bike policies.

· What % of bikers are wearing helmets? 71%

· Year 2000 the answer was also 71%

· What % of riders are women? 20%

· Harley Owners avg. age? 47

· The most common time of the day injuries occur: Rush hour 3pm – 6pm 24% of all accidents, Weekends, 6pm – 9pm

· Discussed different policies and answered questions:

· Key items: There are 10 separate parts of a motorcycle policy.

Key items:

· Bodily injury – what is your coverage – it protects other people not you. The first number means if there is 1 person that you injure that applies, if you injure more then that 2nd number applies. If that does not cover it then it is your responsibility.

· If you have a passenger they are not included in the bodily injury you have to have a “guest liability”

· Underinsured and uninsured motorist – if you are carrying the uninsured and the other person doesn’t have coverage then you will be covered.

· Property Damage – if you damage or injure someone else’s property do not carry fewer than 50,000.

· Medical Payments: Most policies do not have medical payments, most health insurance will cover you if you go down on your bike, and you can purchase medical insurance on your motorcycle policy. If you do not have this your injuries may not be covered.

· Collision and Comprehensive – collision is us riding and we hit something we caused the accident and damaged the bike insurance will pay for that. Comprehensive if you are not riding it and a tree falls on it, someone hits it, etc. If your bike is totaled they will settle you out on the standard base that they gave you because you give them a year and vin # and a model and you will be paid out based on the base model. If you have anything custom it will not be covered. You need to have optional equipment coverage if you have custom work.

· Umbrella policy – worth having it if you seriously injure someone and have to pay for a serious injury. Only covers you if you are getting sued by someone after you injure them.

· Don’t look at it as something you have to have, but something you want to have. It is there to help during serous situations.



a) Feb. 8th – Blood Driver at the Dealership 10am – 4pm

· If you would like to meet as a group, we will be meeting at 11am

· We will be going from the dealership to Clive’s for lunch afterwards for anyone who would like to join us.

b) Wild Prairie Chili Cook Off.

· We had previously shared that we were invited to the Wild Prairie Chili Cook off, however, due to city ordinance outsiders are not able to attend.

c) Feb. 22nd – Ride Planning meeting at the Dealership @ 1pm.

d) Bowling this Friday at Bogart’s at 6:30pm

f)          Officers – 4/18 – Cory working on getting us all signed up

X. New business or Reminders

d) Instead of a Christmas Party for 2020 we would do 2 events – Spring Kick Off event. BBQ, outside, family event and then a Summer Wrap Up party – Outdoors, food, family friendly. Thoughts?

Kelly  & Paula both won a $40.00 gift card at the end of the meeting.

Kris has a rough draft of the quarterly news letter that he shared with a few of the officers. He will bring it to our officer meeting on the 18th.

Jan. 7, 2020 HOG Meeting

HOG Meeting, Tuesday, January 7th

Meeting called to order at 7:01by Director Cory Massicotte, 25 members present for the meeting.

  • Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Dean shared that membership is now at 32 for 2020.
  • No guest were present
  • Cory shared that the treasurer is looking good, but we will be spending money for Christmas party.

2020 Officers – Cory Updated:

Cory Massicotte - Director – present

Les Mitchell – Asst. Director –absent

Roxanne Lane – Treasurer - absent

Jennifer Hurley - Secretary - present

Dean Lane - Membership - present

Jim  - Lead Road Captain - present

Curt Quiner - Safety - present

Update of our Lead Road Captain, Jim:

February 22nd - 1pm - Planning Meeting – Jim handed out forms for suggestions, please bring suggestions to the next meeting. Jim handed out a list of potential rides and dates that we have done in the past, a few date changes: Patriot Ride -July 11th, Potosi, WI Brewfest Ride - August 21st to August 23rd.Jim will add the McDonalds ride to the list - should be Saturday, June 13th. Kelly has done some research and there is a wedding at the hotel we stayed at last time so we will need to stay at another hotel - closest is about 12 miles east.

Christmas Party Update from Marjorie:

Christmas party Saturday, Jan. 11th starts at 6pm at the American Legion, 14521 Granada Dr., Apple Valley- games and prizes, bean bag toss, winner will take the bean bags and board with carrying case - then a poker run,” Get to know your officers” – you will have a form and you will take the form around to the officers and get to know them and have the officers initial your form. You will turn them in and get a poker hand to win a prize. Next game is a dice game 654, winner will get dice and carrier and stuff to take on rides. Meal starts at 7pm - water, coffer provided - drinks are at individual’s expense. There are a lot of prizes for drawings. Vikings will be on TV. 

Safety Update from Curt:

Curt has been reading some articles about how to get your body ready for riding season, example he has a pinched nerve in neck and he is working to get it feeling better and ready to ride. As we get older we need to get ready for riding season, they do tight maneuvering in classes and you need to be able to turn your head and be fit to ride. Get your bike ready over the next several months so it is safe and ready to ride. All State insurance agent is  coming to our February meeting, bring your insurance forms with you and he can let you know what type of coverage you have. If you have any questions he can answer them. This is to help you understand your insurance, who and what is insured. I.E. is your passenger insured?  Curt will be hosting a safety seminar May 16th - safety seminar, bike blessing, and member photo - start at 12:30pm.

Dealership Update from Cory & Sarah:

Cory has been talking with the dealership about getting someone to be a representative to the HOG group, Sarah Skala from Motor clothes will be that individual from the dealership. This will allow us to keep up on the dealership schedule and what events they have going on and they can bring information on specials, etc. and will take our information back to the dealership.

Sarah updated us on the next 6 months of events at Lakeville Harley Davidson: January 1/25 Bloody Biker Buffet, 2/22 - Cabin February Reliever, 3/14 St. Paddy's Day 4/4 - Moonshine Shindig, 5/2 Cinco De Bike - O, 6/20 Father's Day Party. She also provided a list of all Harley events at the local dealerships that will be posted on our website.

Sarah also shared the current sales event at Lakeville Harley Davidson: January 16th & 17th if you spend $100 you save 10% if you spend $200 save 15%, spend $300 save 20%

New Lady of Harley’s Group Update from Jennifer:

Lady Rider’s group - First meeting will be Thursday, February 6th at 5:30pm at the dealership. One hour meeting. All ladies are welcome whether you ride or not. We will enjoy each others company and plan riding and non-riding events.

Notes form Director, Cory:

  • If anyone is interested in getting a group together to go to the International Motorcycle Show - Feb. 1st - throw it out online and we will get a group together.
  • Ride 365 - fill out mileage and take to dealership
  • May 16th – Safety Meeting: We want as many people as possible for our group photo. If you can’t make the entire meeting, please still join us for the photo.
  • Merchandise for sale on the table in the back we sale it for what we buy it for. These items will be available every meeting.
  • Cory presented our Chili cook off winner,  Jim with our chili cook off plaque with his name added to it. Pictures were taken to share with the group. Congratulations to Jim! The plaque will be put in the black cabinet at the Harley shop for everyone to see.
  • Please make sure that you get signed up for your 2020 membership. Sign up sheets will be at every meeting. Cost of membership is $20.00.
  • Last chance to sign up for the Christmas Party.
  • Bowling this Friday, 1/6 at Bogart’s starting at 630pm.
  • A group got together on New Years Eve at Farmington Lanes and had a great time.
  • Kris Sweigart agreed to be Editor

Open Comments:

  • Two Door prizes were drawn, winners Mark & Tony.
  • Dean brought up the idea of doing an accident management program
  • Tony recently moved from a 2 story house to a townhouse he found his WII entertainment center and he has offered to share it with anyone wanting to use his Harley Riding system. It has curves and how to balance - great fill in for the winter. He is happy to let someone borrow it. He will bring it to next meeting.

Meeting adjourned - 800pm

Files coming soon.